Includes: Solid State Hard Drive, Installation, OS Installation and moving data from your original Hard Drive!


High End Gaming and Entry Level Gaming Systems Available Now. Visit Us Today! Our Gaming PCs are Fully Customizable and Ready To Play All Of Today's Best Games!


Slow PC? PC won’t start? Windows errors? Whatever your PC issue is, you will receive quick PC service that has your computer running like new again.


Receive expert Mac service to fix: bouncing beachballs, flashing question marks, Macbook cracked screens, non-working keyboards and other Mac issues.


Get a free diagnostic. We recover from the worst of disasters, including: non-powering external drives, clicking drives, and dead computers. All work done in-shop.


We have a wide selection of refurbished Macs and PCs all with new parts and warranties. Want to sell? We also pay cash for computers!


Cracked laptop screen? Black laptop display? Get your laptop screen replaced quickly. We repair the same day the screen arrives.


Time is of the essence when liquid has spilled on your computer. Leave it powered off and bring it in asap for us to clean.


New computer? We will personalize it with your programs and settings. Files on your old computer? No problem, we will transfer them to your new computer.


Pay for a set price every month to take care of your computers and network. Have an IT team handle all your computer issues, vendors, and technology support.


Confidently outsource your IT support, projects, upgrades to us. Need an extra set of hands or primary IT resource for everything. We will step in where desired.


Data Recovery at DNA Computers

It's 11:48pm, you're at the kitchen table, the glow of your computer screen casts its telltale veil over you. Your fingers race over the keys. The clock is ticking down, you have but 11 minutes more to submit your paper by the deadline. You begin typing your...

Custom Gaming Computers by DNA

Custom Gaming Computers We love PC gaming! If you've been on our website before, this is not a secret. The detail and high frame rate PC games can achieve mean the PC is our favorite way to experience games. We want little more than to share our love of PC gaming with...

Used & Refurbished Computers

You work hard for your money, and you deserve the best value for your hard-earned dollars as possible. Computers today are so fast, many systems from even five years ago still work for 99% of tasks. Save some money with a refurbished computer! If you play games, used...

What are Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are a great new tool for getting online from the maker's of our favorite web browser, Google! These laptops are light, fast, and tend to have great battery life, which means Chromebooks are ideal companions for school or travel. What can you do with a...

Macbook Liquid Spill Cleanup

Look no further than DNA Computers for your Apple Macbook liquid spill cleanup needs. Accidents happen, and a spilled drink doesn't have to mean the end of your trusted device. If you spilled liquid on your iMac, iPad, Macbook Air, or other Apple device, we can clean...

Computer Virus 101

In our line of work at DNA Computers, many of our clients seek us out because of the dreaded computer virus. While unfortunately it is true that there are threats lurking about on the internet, we have noticed there is some confusion around what a computer virus is...

Your Place for the Essentials

We are DNA Computers, and we are your friendly neighborhood computer store. Our goal is to be your place for the essentials. We carry a variety of common accessories and gear in stock so you can spend time doing what matters to you, instead of running around from...

Gaming PC Upgrades Starting at $39

Greetings, reader! At DNA Computers, we live by the mantra “work hard, play hard”, and that’s why we love our gaming PCs! We hope that if you’re reading this, you love your gaming PC, too. We understand the desire to get the best out of your gaming PC, and we are here...

Apple Mac Repairs & Service

On any given day, we see many different brands, types, and models of computer in our shop, but few computers catch our eye quite like the Apple Macs. Between the sleek form-factors, high-quality materials, and features like the excellent multi-touch trackpads, it’s...

February PC Gaming Update

Welcome, PC gamers! Among other PC gaming releases including Resident Evil 2, the month of January set a rigorous pace for game releases that will see the next few months doing their best to steal the spotlight. As you are about to see, February is going to do its...
Jon Colin
Jon Colin
20:38 11 Mar 19
This is who you want working on your hardware! I cannot speak highly enough about everyone over at DNA, their attention to detail is awesome, thanks again guys!read more
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones
22:30 03 Mar 19
Expensive but gets the job done. I typically review places 3-6 months after the service took place to see long-term how the quality of the service was, I needed my laptop's operating system fixed(it had corrupted) and needed data backup then it reuploaded to my computer - This service in total was $155 or so which I'm not going to lie ; Is up there in price. However 6 months later I am writing this review from that same laptop and had no issues with it. I know other services that you could have a operating system fix and data backup for $79 but you often(and I have) encounter some form of problem with these types of services typically within a few months(I.e the operating system corrupts again or something). I have not had any issues in 6 months after paying $155 to these guys to fix my computer and to me, that is worth the extra money and is why I'm giving them five stars. Customer service is friendly to. Overall I'd recommend them for sure just always be wary about cost at any place like this!read more
Bill Cuthrell
Bill Cuthrell
17:54 06 Jan 19
My granddaughter's laptop was stuck in a self-repair loop because the hard drive failed. DNA replaced the drive with a solid state for a very good price and successfully recovered her data. They also replaced the charging cable (which I had misplaced) at no cost, even though they had no obligation to do so. Excellent customer service! I highly recommend more
Michael Carr
Michael Carr
18:57 10 Oct 18
Very friendly and helpful people. Always there to help when I need it.
01:18 31 Jul 18
This place was awesome, I came to them with a graphics card, and RAM upgrade and they charged me the basic price.But what was great about them was they helped me with so much more, not only did they do a great install in a very timely manner they through in something that blew me away. It was only asstetics but they also helped me clean up the wiring and everything else and they are very professional with customer service and giving advice.I strongly recommend this place to anybody with any PC more
ay mo
ay mo
00:20 02 Jul 18
This place is perfect and the people that work there are very nice and friendly. They have helped me a lot for fixing my computer. I wanna thank them for more
Jenna Sumlin
Jenna Sumlin
22:25 26 Jun 18
Great team of people that helped fix our home computer and laptop after we had an issue. No high pressure sales, they were honest and straight forward, this is the issue and here is what we charge to fix more
mike lynch
mike lynch
07:14 27 Apr 18
Friendly staff, good prices an prompt service.
20:27 14 Dec 17
Very knowledgeable and user friendly people-never had a problem they could not solve. Highly recommend them.
Concerned Parent
Concerned Parent
14:17 01 Dec 17
Thank you for saving all my photos when my hard drive died. I thought they were gone forever, but you saved everything! Thank you so more
Alpha 17
Alpha 17
14:13 01 Dec 17
Best gaming computers EVER! These guys really know their stuff. They are system designers from the bottom up. Not only did I get an amazing computer, their attention to detail is top notch. From color coordination in the components, to cable management, I have nothing but good things to say about them. If you are in the market for a gaming computer, go to these guys! You'll be happy you did!!read more
17:52 13 Nov 17
Order item on Wednesday and told to come back on Monday for my stuff. Drive 40 minutes to find out I don't need one of the items and the other isn't in. Then charged for having to send back the item I didn't need and will have to drive another40 minutes to get the other item or pay to have it sent back. This is ridiculous. Would not recommend going there no matter how nice the people are. Received a called from Gail stating she would mail me my item so I don't have to drive back again. Also fix the charge for the item I didn't need. She changed my mind about this more
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